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Get ready to mingle. We are VB Mingle, Nigeria's leading matching making company.

We also host epic events for single people looking for love. We love LOVE and our mission is to connect you with someone special.

Our matchmaking services and singles events are for people who are looking for a serious relationship or ready to settle down.

If you're looking for casual relationships, hookups, etc sorry our services & events are not for you.

What we do...

About us

VB Mingle is an award winning personalized dating service and matchmaking agency in Nigeria.

We provide a personal dating service for single professionals who are looking for genuine relationships with someone special...

If you’re fed up with online dating sites and apps, you’re too busy for swiping or online dating just isn’t for you; then a matchmaking service may be what you need.

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Let's go find your love.

You’ve been busy getting on with your life, building a career and having fun. One day you look around and all your friends are in love, married and/or having babies.

Fear not, we have everything you will need to find and connect with that special someone, we host incredible singles events, parties, we also offer personalized match-making services and so much more.

Our service is not for everyone.

VB Mingle Premium.

Our services and singles events are for people who are looking for a serious relationship or ready to settle down.

If you're looking for casual relationships, hookups, etc sorry our services & events are not for you.

Meeting a life partner is a massive priority for the majority of singles. 

If you are looking for a serious relationship or ready to settle down, then we have incredible services that can help you meet the love of your life.

You deserve love too, let's go find your love.

Check out our incredible services below:

Our Services Includes:


Events for Singles

Discover the Ultimate Dating Experience with VB Mingle singles events.

We organize epic exclusive events for single people, speed dates, parties, and personalized date nights, meticulously crafted to help you find the love of your life.

One thing is for sure, chances are that you have never attended an epic event like this before, get ready to wowed.

It's time connect with other singles and mingle, are you ready?



Are you currently single and on the quest for a compatible partner, whether it's a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband? Look no further, as we're here to assist.

Dating doesn't need to be complicated. If you find yourself too occupied for the search, tired of endless swiping, or simply not meeting the right individuals, you're not alone. We specialize in simplifying the dating process for busy singles like yourself.

Are you prepared to take the initial steps towards meaningful connections?

We are here to help you find love.

At VB Mingle we strongly believe that you deserve that incredible someone who makes your world invigorating.

Let’s take the first step together and help you find your perfect partner.


We can't wait to hear your success stories like the ones below.

Here is what people are saying about our events.

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 23 reviews)

I've got to say, VB Mingle Singles Dating Event is pretty cool. It was my first time trying anything like this, and I'm pleasantly surprised. The people there were a good mix, and, you know what, no major weirdos in sight. Looks like I might have a date or two lined up now!

Avatar for Kudirat

I recently attended one of your events. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for putting on such a fantastic gathering. I decided to join on a whim, last minute, and it turned out to be beyond my wildest dreams.

I made incredible connections with 4 wonderful women at the event. Now, I'm faced with the delightful problem of finding time to schedule second dates with all of them. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep up the fantastic work, and I will definitely be referring others to you.

Avatar for Daniel

When I saw him at the VB Mingle event, I just knew he was meant for me. I turned to my friend who had come with me and confidently declared, “You see that man wearing a white shirt with a face-cap? That's my boyfriend, that’;s my boo.

My friend couldn't stop laughing and teased me about having an overactive imagination, but I couldn't shake the feeling that this man was something special.

Fast forward 7 months, and he's not just my boyfriend; he's now my fiancé. It's incredible how life can take such unexpected turns. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to VB Mingle for creating the platform where our paths crossed. But I also want to thank myself for trusting my instincts and taking that leap of faith to attend the event.

It's been quite a journey, one filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. And it all started with that moment of intuition at the VB Mingle event.

Avatar for Blessing O.
Blessing O.

Attending the Singles Date Event last month was a decision I'm truly grateful for. We had a fantastic group of people, and I can confidently say it's 500% better than online dating. There's something special about getting to know and feeling that connection and chemistry right away, all in a stress-free environment.

I made some great connections and even one outstanding one. After months of frustration with online dating, it was an incredible feeling to have such wonderful options all under one roof. I highly recommend it, especially coming from someone who knows the frustrations of online dating all too well.

Avatar for Mayowa

I'm a self-proclaimed homebody who usually prefers the comfort of my own space. Going out isn't really my thing; I'm content being at home. However, fate had different plans for me when I heard about the VB Mingle singles dating event.

It was a family friend who introduced me to the idea. Interestingly, he was single too, and he convinced me to give it a try. So, against my usual habits, we both decided to step out of our comfort zones and attend the event together.

I had reservations, picturing a crowded and uncomfortable scene. Yet, to my surprise, the event was relaxed and inviting. The icebreakers and activities made it easy to chat with others, and I met some intriguing people.

During the evening, I connected with someone who shared my interests and had a warm smile. Our conversation flowed effortlessly. Leaving the event, I felt a spark of excitement that had been missing for a while.

Since that night, I've gone on more dates, including with that special someone. I've learned that stepping out of my comfort zone can lead to unexpected and wonderful connections. Thanks to VB Mingle and my adventurous friend, I've embraced a new perspective on dating.

Avatar for Oge
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