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Today marks a turning point in your journey to finding love. ????

You deserve to be with your dream girl.

❌ You don't have to manage a girl that is not your spec because of lack of options.

❌ You don't have to settle for less than you deserve.

Whether you are looking for a serious relationship right now or ready to settle down, you deserve love, and we are going to help you find the love of your life.

That's our promise to you.

{What's your Name:4}, now that we have an idea of the kind of women you are interested in!

Our mission is to connect you with your dream girl ❤️.

Every day, thousands of single men and women discover our platform through social media and our singles events adverts.

Guess what? We'll send you a private notification whenever we have a promising match for you.

Receive private notifications from us anytime we have a match for you this includes girls between the ages of {What age range of women are you interested in dating?:25} {Enter your preferred age range to date:26} living within {What part of Lagos are you located in?:70} {What's your current location?:29} or living around {Where on the island? eg: Ikoyi, V.I., Lekki etc:81} {Where on the mainland? eg: Ikeja, Surulere etc:80}

You'll get notified anytime we have a match for you.


To approve VB Mingle notifications, you may see a warning saying “notification blocked”
To fix this, simply click on the settings icon ⚙️ and click “allow for this site.”
This will enable us send you notifications.


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At VB Mingle, we host epic events for single people who are looking for love.

❓ But what happens when you meet someone new at our singles events?

✔️ It's not just about meeting new people at our events, but most importantly, it's about what happens after the events.

❓ How do you forge a deeper connection with a girl you just met from our events?

You see, most men don't really know how to keep conversation flowing after they get a girl's number.

Bad communication can end a good thing, but not under our watch!

✔️ We will help you take things to the next level, you will also learn things like, how to call a girl you just got her number, how to call, what to say, how to chat/text them, and so much more. ????

With our events and matchmaking services, you are going to meet a lot of girls that will catch your eye for sure…

But how do you choose the best girl for you?

✔️ It's not just about beautiful girls, you also need a girl that respects you and gives you peace of mind.

Now you may also ask…

What if you can't come to our event, can we still help you find your dream girl?

✔️ YES we can! Over 3,500 single men and women have attended our singles events, and we have matched HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of couples individually based on what they are looking for in a partner…

So yes we can also match you with someone awesome based on what you are looking for.

If you haven't approved notifications kindly approve now, so you'll get notified anytime we have a match for you.

Now for our video, let's kickstart your journey, you deserve to watch our video. ???? 

The video explains everything we do, and how we do it,

and most importantly how we can help you find your dream girl through our epic singles event, matchmaking, blind dates and…

so much more surprises inside our video.

Once you confirm, we'll send the video to your WhatsApp.

✔️ We strongly recommend you watch the video via WhatsApp, we have so much stuff going on for our members on our WhatsApp.

Who knows you might even meet your dream girl via our awesome WhatsApp Status.

To receive the video via WhatsApp click here

We can't wait to connect you with your dream girl.

Please Note: When you click on the link, your WhatsApp will open. Simply hit ‘send' to approve the message to receive the video instantly! click here

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If you don't use WhatsApp, we can send the video to your email:
Kindly send an email to [email protected]

You'll receive the video automatically within few seconds.

To send us an email quickly, simply click on the email address [email protected]

This will automatically open your email box, so you can send us an email.

Get ready to level up your dating game! Let the exciting journey begin. ????

VB Mingle is for members only, no space on VB mingle for unserious people or time wasters, if you are looking for a serious relationship or ready to settle down.

Then you will love what we are doing here on VB Mingle.

Your dating life is about to change forever!

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